sarahau (sarahau) wrote in aussie_parents,

Any other NSW westies?

Name: Sarah
Kids names/ages: Joshua 8 and Tyler Jay 2 - as for three - well we are seeing if one comes along for the rest of the year.
Where you live: blacktown area in NSW
A bit about your parenting style: mainly alternative - I was a big slinger and we co sleep, and bf till about 2 - a bit after for Josh and a bit before for TJ, but Just because I do it this way dosnt mean I think its the only way. There is no right or wrong way as long as the child is loved and looked after.
Any lifesaving parenting tips you want to share: Its ok to allow the telly tubbys and wiggles in to your house for a bit of sanitity though I also think they help send it out again.

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