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Aussie Parents

little ones downunder

5/8/09 11:42 am - sneakysista

I'm a mother of one, Jake (3). I'm happily married, and have been for almost 8 years. Looking forward to making some online friends.
Feel free to add me.

10/18/08 08:23 pm - laurakrizay - New :)

Hello everyone. My name is Laura. I'm 18 years old and I have a 3 month old daughter named Ascari. We live in Melbourne, Doncaster, with Ascari's daddy, Daniel.

Ascari is a very good baby. When I was breastfeeding things were really tough with her not getting enough and not gaining enough weight. I never got any sleep and I was extremely stressed as I did not have anybody helping me or showing me the ropes, so to say.
Once we put her on formula things changed a lot! It was great.
Now Ascari is a wonderful little baby. She smiles and laughs all the time and I just stare at her all day long wondering how I got so lucky.

I get many dirty looks and rude comments from women as I am a young mum, but I am far from incapable to raise my daughter, and I've done great so far!

I'm hoping I can meet some other mums from Melbourne and maybe make some friends as I don't get out much.

Laura xo

7/29/08 08:51 am - o2muse - New Aussie Mum!

Name - Sarah
Age - 25
Status - married 5 yrs
Kids - Harrison is 3 and Indiana is nearly 2
Location - Brisbane

Hi, I am relatively new to all of this and I am looking for some aussie mums or dads to be-friend. 
I am a very friendly, open kind a girl and like the simple things in life.   I am a hairdresser by trade, but have been a stay at home mum for the past three and a half years.  
I love meeting new people so if you wanna know more...add me!  

 My three angles!

6/9/08 05:25 pm - nihilistvlad

Kids Pirate Day July 12 2008

Feel free to pass this around, print it out and help spread the word :)

2/10/08 06:34 pm - nihilistvlad - APPLE Festival - Festival for Alternative Parents and Parenting

I am organising a festival for Alternative Parents and Parenting to be held in Melbourne, Australia. Time and Venue yet to be determined. For more information go to http://applefestival.makeforum.org and please leave your input.

Thank you

1/21/08 12:20 pm - absentesse - Film screening plug

Hi there - I remember a while ago a few people talking about the Business of Being Born screening in Paddington that sold out really quick, well I've organized a screening of it at The Edge cinema in Katoomba (about 100m from Katoomba station) if anyone is interested. There will also be a little pregnancy/baby mini expo in the foyer with some info stalls and the like.

Film website
The Edge Cinema
Saturday, February 9, 6.15pm.
Tickets $11 concession, $15 adult.

If I've missed anything, or you want to know more, just reply here and ask.

OH, and if you want to have one of the stalls for your product or service, let me know.

(X posted a few places)

9/27/07 03:31 pm - alanna_w - I am new

hey there my name is Lana and I live in Brisbane. I have 3 beautiful children (all mothers say that) Ash is 13 and all I can say is that he is very interesting considering I have never been a teenage boy and try very hard to be very understanding to his needs.
Amber-Lee is 8 and she is my little angel - she is very active going to Ballet, Tennis, Tap and spends the rest of her time being a mini mum to our new born baby boy Lincoln who is 2 months old.
Normally I work full time as an employment consultant but have taken until July 2008 off to be parental to my wee little bub.

6/19/07 10:01 am - sarahau - Any other NSW westies?

Name: Sarah
Kids names/ages: Joshua 8 and Tyler Jay 2 - as for three - well we are seeing if one comes along for the rest of the year.
Where you live: blacktown area in NSW
A bit about your parenting style: mainly alternative - I was a big slinger and we co sleep, and bf till about 2 - a bit after for Josh and a bit before for TJ, but Just because I do it this way dosnt mean I think its the only way. There is no right or wrong way as long as the child is loved and looked after.
Any lifesaving parenting tips you want to share: Its ok to allow the telly tubbys and wiggles in to your house for a bit of sanitity though I also think they help send it out again.

5/5/07 03:07 pm - nihilistvlad - Anyone in need of childcare?

Hello, my name is Louise. I am a 20 year old mother of a 22 month old boy called Angus.
I am friendly, creative and love to have fun with kids. We live in Brunswick, Victoria but will be moving to the Northcote/Thornbury area ASAP.

I am looking for jobs in childcare that I can take my son, Angus, along to.. I am also happy to help out with household duties. Babysitting, nannying, mothers help - full time, part time, permenant, temporary etc.

Wage: Negotiable Available: All days and nights.

Please leave a comment or email me at betrayal_of_the_butcher@hotmail.com
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