Me and my guitar play my way, it makes them frown (shellymonsta) wrote in aussie_parents,
Me and my guitar play my way, it makes them frown

In the Night Garden

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me where I can find In the Night Garden gear? I'm mainly after stuff to decorate my toddlers room like wall stickers/a ninky nonk and maybe some kind of toy hamper? I've done some artwork and am sewing the doona cover although if I could find a panel to add to it that would be great! It seems impossible unless I buy it from the UK so if anybody has seen it around please let me know =)

Online stores or brick and mortar in Perth would be great =)
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Maybe ebay? I have no idea, I've never seen the stuff anywhere, my toddler would LURVE that stuff though. Post a link or something if you find it!
I sure will =) I had a look on Ebay but they wanted $50 for a set of wall stickers which is CRAZY!.

Kmart has their books I can tell you that much =)
Oh and Woolworths have their Dvd's for $15 =)
Have you tried the ABC Shop? (Maybe you could ask them if they have plans to get any in, since the series only recently started here.)
All they have online is dvds and books. I guess once it takes off there will be more. =)
What about the real store, you doofus? ;)
Oh you want me to leave the house? ;p
hahha NO NEVER!!
=) I thought LJ was leaving the house! *wink*
haha so did i :( There's green grass out there... it's prickly.... i'm going back inside :(
oh noes! and whats that sun thing? it hurts my eyes!
*gasp* that is but a myth, i'm sure!
I was in Woolworths yesterday (i think it might be called safeway down there) In the toy section I saw some stuffed toys about...60-80cm tall of all the charactors. They looked like massive pillows :) They looked pretty cute...I think they were only $15.
Oh cool thankyou! I'll go have a look!